Founder Infotech Partnership Program (FIPP)

It’s always a great feeling to do things together, more so when it is organized well and cares for everyone’s interest

Founder Infotech  Partnership Program

Having built 8 world-renowned products including GST  Software and with 6  offices in 6 different locations accommodating 50+ employees, we have grown into a hub of innovation, running through a rage of incessant growth and empowerment. In this determined act of expansion and development we bring opportunities out on the open stage where we invite you to collaborate and grow collectively.

FIPP  is an initiative by Founder Infotech to acquire decision and execution level engagements and leverage opportunities with like-minded people and businesses in the industry. All designed to bring eminent ideas to shape – our well-defined partnership models aim at offering you the platform to keep your interest procured and ours served – proving equal win-win for both of us. Hence, we have planned partnership opportunities to perfectly suit different business propositions to help you get the room to perform and collaborate with us most effectively.




Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnership with Founder Infotech opens up your doors to great opportunities wherein you jointly perform with us on different projects. Your responsibilities include leads and business generation and project communication. We help develop the entire project combining resources on agreed terms while attending all the client queries through you and assisting closely in decision making and resource planning. You will own equal credentials and recognition for the project.


Affiliate Partnership

Our affiliate partnership program suits you the best if you are looking to have limited liability with every support spanning across project initiation to execution. You just need to have a previous experience working on a similar engagement to be a part of this program. Once you become our affiliate partner, you will be actively participating in the project you bring to us and play an active part in building the project with us and earn a decided sum for your reference and efforts you put in.


Reseller Partnership

Become our reseller and get access to our eloquent researches and successful projects and sell them ahead to your clients. Here you get chance to work remotely in every deal and without having to sign a minimum obligation letter. With a small joining fees and quick formalities you earn attractive commission and rewards without having to acquire any knowledge of the technology. You get all the supporting material and a pre-laid format of communication to make your endeavor effortless.


Join Venture

Joint Venture partnership involves vision and commitment. You need to have a collaborative plan that recognizes immersive possibilities. Once your proposal is approved you get the privilege to lead a directorial role in a project with Founder Infotech and closely represent the brand. This partnership involves a great level of authority on your part as it does at our end. With this engagement we plan for a new vent of possibilities with a separate execution unit and completely new arrangement



of work affairs.

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